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Clean Slate

The left, the right -- and NFL players -- came together earlier this year in Pennsylvania to pass "Clean Slate" automated sealing of some criminal records. In our new advocacy story, Community Legal Services' Sharon Dietrich and the Center for American Progress's Rebecca Vallas detail the advocacy steps involved in getting Clean Slate on the books. Read more

Sharon and Rebecca will discuss Clean Slate and take your questions about it in our next episode of the Advocacy Exchange webcast, Thursday, November 29 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Learn more and register.

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The Left, the Right, and the Football Players

How Clean Slate Automated Sealing Was Passed in Pennsylvania

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Land-Use Voter Initiatives

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Race, Local Politics, Affordable Housing, and Residential Segregation

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Ensuring Fair Housing for People with Criminal Records

A Conversation with HUD

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